img_7826Aimée Dingwell is a writer, editor, curator and researcher. Merging the curious and creative with the investigative and analytical, she’s crafted a rewarding editorial and visual culture career, first starting in the fields of health, biotech and the financial markets, then transitioning into the lifestyle, art and design sectors. She is most happy when surveying the convergence of art and science.

Aimée has edited, researched, reported on, and written for various media outlets including the following: national consumer magazines, business dailies, technical journals, academic outlets and lay books (including ghostwriting a cardiovascular, self-help health book for a world renowned physician). Serving in multiple executive-level editorial management positions, she’s also worked as an editorial consultant for magazine development and launches, as well as media campaigns, management and product launches.

Aimée is deeply curious about the “architecture of life,” which she describes as the intersection of a higher order in nature, biology and design, and explores on her blog archi.type.ologie. She is passionate about travel, cultures and languages, fashion, architecture, art, photography, found objects, music, love, yoga and the mysteries of the human experience. She is currently completing a second master’s degree in Italian Studies, focused on Art and Architectural History at New York University, where she is investigating biomimetic forms in Leonardo da Vinci’s architectural drawings.

Aimée can be reached at connect@aimeedingwell.com.